Bruce Lee - Commodore 64 Review

Bruce Lee is one of my favourite games for the Commodore 64. It's a 1 or 2 player platformer with some beat 'em up and puzzle elements mixed in.

There are two baddies that you have to beat-up, a ninja with a sword and a sumo wrestler, whilst the sumo guy takes three kicks to defeat, the ninja can be taken out with two.

The map is varied and a lot of the different screens are intrinsically linked. You progress by navigating the different screens and collecting lanterns, sometimes they are in difficult to reach places and you have to use Bruce's extraordinary physical skills to leap to them.

Once you have collected them all, it opens up a secret trapdoor which you go through to progress to the next part of the map.

It's super slick speed, colourful graphics and fast-paced timing characteristics are what make it stand out for me. While there are games with more advanced music, it's theme tune is catchy and the iconic sound effects are great.

Do yourself a big favour and get this great game, put your phone on silent and have a blast!

There is also a fan-made Bruce Lee 2 which is done to a really high standard and you'd do well to get that as well.

Graphics: 85%
Sound-FX: 90%
Music: 75%
Gameplay: 90%

Monkspeed Rating: 90%

1) Get Bruce Lee HERE
2) Get Bruce Lee 2 HERE